Frequently Asked Questions

If we have a printer that is under warranty, will Print Doctor assume that warranty?

Print Doctor assumes all warranties of printers using our cartridges.

Are there any additional costs incurred by us other than regular toner purchases?

No, you will never be billed for anything other than the toner cartridges.

Where will the technician be based?

The technician can work right from your site. Print Doctor will repair all equipment on-site the same day or no later than first thing the next business day.

Will the technician install the toners for us?

Yes, at the same time providing preventative maintenance cleaning and adjustments when necessary, to maintain the fleet at optimum performance.

Who is responsible for shipping empty cartridges back to Print Doctor?

Print Doctor will collect all empties and ship them back .

This seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There is no catch. The Gold Plan is a no-hassle, cost effective printer fleet supply and maintenance solution.

Are your service technicians certified?

Yes, all of our technical service engineers are Hewlett-Packard® and/or Lexmark® certified.

How do we get started?

Most companies are interested in reviewing cost savings with the Gold Plan option. Each customer sends the Print Doctor a usage report and printer fleet inventory, which we work into a spreadsheet, showing each department how much their costs would be based on previous usage. We find this helps in assisting them with the review, cost analysis and set-up to begin implementing The Gold Plan. When the customer is ready to go forward, we prepare an initial draft of our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Then we meet with each individual department to discuss its specific needs. Set-up to final rollout averages 30 days.

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